Situated at 193 km north west of Tahiti is Raiatea (population 12 249). Uturoa, the capital is the administration center of theLeeward Islands.

According to Polynesian legends, Raiatea is known as "Hawaii" the sacred, the marae of Taputapuatea was the political, cultural and religious center of the "Maohi civilisation". The numerous legends and myths lend mystery and magic to the magnificent island not well known.You will discover many "motu" with superb white sand beaches, a lagon with plentifulfishes of all colours surrounded, by the panorama of mountains with waterfalls and fertile valleys rich with fruits and vegetables and archaelogical sites in the wilderness.

The lasy going people are friendly and assure a warmhearted welcome. Many choices of places to stay and many excursions permit you to discover this original atmosphère. RAIATEA is an island of a thousand charms that must be visited step by step.